Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween review!

Heeey ,

did you liked the Halloween party ??

we got a lot of rain and here are some picture of it :))

After i show you some other halloween things but now here are the puctures:

After them we moved to the Chlos and Party room look:


So after this awsome Party i started with the mission from Sharonda the Soul swallower

The mission is awsome and simple like chopix you must find 10 bats and give it back to sharonda if you don't know here are soem help guides:

So and if you found a  bat it looks like so !!
So and if you found the then bats,sharonda give you gift ( Halloween bagpack )
and a candy's for 1 mission you get 4 candy's
and with the candy's you can buy other halloween stuff look:

so and here you can chose what for stuf you wnat to chanche with candy's you see you must do the mission more the like 1 time if you want cool stuff:

i buy a stuff for 4 candy's then it looks like so!

           You got a gift from Witch Cauldron :)) soo i hope you know now how to do the mission and have fun !!

My Halloween Review is finish and i hope you liked it :))


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