Saturday, November 3, 2012

The News Day 20!

Heey cho's,
its the 20th The News post. :O
was the last 19 post's interesting ??
i will see it later on my vote panel :)

but now we start with the information,we gonna talk about :

Staff member
New items
November Journalist's
Chobots Facebook
And about the new citizenship from the month november :)

So you see,Today you ebcome a lot of information :)
Okay start with the new staff member Whitney:

Whitney is 4 days old and she's and moderator.
you remember Tikitiki got it with the age 2.
So if you see Whitney Congrats her.
Im sure she wanna make a great job :))

Congratulation Whitney

We got new Item's too in the shop look :)

For Juniors 750 Bugs

For Citizen's 10'000 Bugs

The Nicho suit is back for the citizen's too 14'000 bugs
The 3D Glasses is Back for citizen's 3500Bugs

So you see we have new and old items
Back in the shop :)

Next theme is The post on the main blog:
The Chobots Team search new Journalist's
for the month November if you want to be
one comment on the post your chobots name
and your blog link and you have a chance to
win!! :)

Girls mask for Juniors 50'000 Bugs



Next Theme is The Chobots Facebook homepage:
We reached more then 600 likes!!
its awsome so next target is to have 700 likes :))
if you haven't like it like it now :))
Good luck to everyone who wnat to be one :)

So now we come to the last theme November membership:
you now its a new month and we will have new member ship
i buy the 1 month item and its awsome the rest it looks like so:

1 Month: You become the awsome Firecracker wings:)

6 Month: You become the cool Slenderman suit ( scary :d )

12 Month: And if you buy 1 year you become the Bowser suit from the game Mario!

So we come to the end and i hope you had fun and see you next time don't forgot to vote if you wnat more The News post :)!

 Good luck to everyone who want to be a journalist :)


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