Friday, November 16, 2012

New items !!

its finally Friday and we have new items in the shop.
We have new and old items back.
Here are they:
We have 2 new bagpacks in the shop.
this 2 items isn't new they re-added them back :)
strawberry bagpack cost: 3000Bugs for citizens
The corn bagpack cost: 4000Bugs for citizens

The giraffe Hat is new in the shop.
its for citizens and cost: 1950Bugs
This basketball shorts are back in the shop for juniors
cost: 1000Bugs
This firework bagpack is back in the shop for juniors 
cost: 750Bugs

This new shirt you can chanche color's and its for juniors.
cost: 3000Bugs

This are all new items in the shop let's go shopping :D

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