Monday, November 5, 2012

Staff Member's!!

Today i write with red because we have a lot of staff member's who leaved and come back :)

Smoochict the old beta player,Play again Chobots :))
awsome right i like him because he is nice to everyone he chat with everyone :)
He is not how many mods that only chat with agents.
Here ar pic of him:

A young user joined the Moderation's team too he is called Elvio
He is 99 days old and he makes great job :)

A new User joined the agent team too he is called Alien5
he is a old user but i never see him played chobots!
i asked him if he chanched his name but he hasn't :O
look at this picture :
He is 430 days old realy old :O only mods have this age do you think he was an mod ??
i think xD
So this was the good news now the bad news :/
First one Zoo leaved the support team!!
he has the support badge but in The chobots crew he isn't in the list support :O
he is an admin look:
Hmm now i know why i havent an answer of my question :/
Next bad news is that Tikitiki
leaved the staff team she is now an junior look:
she was a so good mod.
shame but everything have a reason :/

We come to the end and i hope you ahve now more information :)
and don't forgot too congratulation Smoochict and elvio :)


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