Thursday, October 29, 2015

Amazing Walldrawings !

Hey Guys

Some users participate at the sweet battle contest other prefer drawing in the underground. We have really creative users in our game as we saw at the last drawing contest. When im online i always check the underground for some new drawings and this week i've seen these 3 amazing walldrawings:

Wow an amazing job, done by laceh and firexavina! Hope to see more of your drawings in the undeground, becuase its much better then the grey wall :D Firexavina received a paintbrush from Shadow, congratulations to her you've done a great job! I'm trying to post more of this content and perhaps we will find new artists who join them ;)

That was it for today, thanks for reading
-Your Bebot

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sweet Battle Contest !

Hey Guys

After an amazing Party yesterday, Shadow announced that we have a new contest. Let's move to the park or the rope street to play sweet battle and win some great prizes. You have time from today until saturday the 31th of october. Take your friends there and have some fun with them:) Please remember if you see someone cheating, then please send an e-mail to with proof.

I wish you good luck and don't forget, winning is not everything, having fun with your friends is more important ;)

Thanks for reading, see you in-game¨
Your Bebot

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween Party !

Hey Guys

As i already announced on a previous post, there was a huge party in the chlos room. Many users came online only for this and I think it was a blast! We had tons of rain, magic, music and of course fun. As I promissed are here the party pictures for those, who couldn't attend the party:

Hope you got some impressions, how great the party was. Cant wait till the next Party.

Thanks for reading, Your Bebot.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Halloween is coming !

Hey Guys

The leaves are almost fallen and weather is getting colder. With the amazing decorations in almost all the streets of chotopia, we noticed, that autumn is finally here. With it halloween is not so far away and the staff team has planed a lot of great things. In the beginning, we got the guests Reaper and Samantha back in town. Then the streets were full of pumpkins, leaves, spiders and trees. Now they also added some new spooky items in the shop. Have a look a them:

I think almost all of you remember them form other chobots before, arent they just amazing ?I love them and most of them are for juniors !
To celebrate Halloween, we also have huge party with rain, music and of course magic. So you better should'nt miss it, im sure we will have a great time together. The Party will be in the Chlos room at 7Pm Cho-time, this Saturday ! I will be there for sure and I will also take some pictures to upload it on here, for those who can't attend! I hope to see you there :)
Thanks for reading, See you in-game
Your Bebot

Monday, October 19, 2015

Chotopia !

Hey Guys

I decided to re-open this blog for all users who play Im one of those and im really active there. A long time ago, the game was called and now shadow the owner of the game renamed it to Im really addicted to this game now, because it brings all the memories back and the staff there are just amazing kindly. I became an Agent few days ago and so i decided to do even more for the game. I try to participate at every Contest if I can and of course be as active as possible. If your interested then visit us on chotopia to have some fun ! I will post the latest news about the game here on my blog, so check it out daily if you want. 

That was it for the moment, hope to see you in-game. 
Thanks for reading !
Your Bebot.