Sunday, March 20, 2016

The News #3

Hey Guys

Wow how quickly this week passes and were already sunday. That mean its time for a week recap which i imported 3 weeks ago. This week there weren't so many users online so it was a quite week as last week. But there are some informations which are really importend.

Let's start with one of the greatest news. As you may know 4 days ago the irish people celebrated "St.Patrick's Day". But the staff team also wanted to held a party for this great event. So they decided to combine the St. Patricks Day with an Easter party ! Isn't that great ? The party will be amazing for sure and you have the possibility to get some rare and amazing clothes. I will be there and take some party pictures for you and the main blog. Here are the party informations:

The party will be wonderful and perhaps we can overbit the score of 35 online users this time ;)
I hope to see you there.

As second topic we have the garbage collector contest. The staff team first hold a rope competition, which they had to close because some users cheated. So they decided to open the garbage collector to give them a second chance. This contest now came to an end and the winners are announced. Big congratulations to:

1st place: Orbit, you get 7 days of citizenship and 5000 Bugs
2nd place: Amora, you get 5 days of citizenship and 3500 Bugs
3rd place: Oreo, you get 3 days of citizenship and 2000 Bugs

Congratulation, you've all done a great job and worked really hard for those prizes. For those, who couldn't win this time, don't be sad there will be tons of this contests in the near future so stay tuned!

As last topic but also really important, i want to inform you, that the staff team decided to upgrade one Agent into a higher rank, which is higher then a normal agent but lower then a moderator. This higher Agent is called Elite Agent. You may know this badge from other chobots before and im really happy they put it in here aswell. An Elite Agent has the same panel tools as a moderator so its really an interesting thing. The first Agent who earned this important badge is Agent101. He definitely deserves this badge, because he do a lot for our game. Please congratulate him, if you see him around chobots. 

So the third edition is also coming to an end and i want to thank you once again for your support and activity on this blog. It really means a lot for me when i get feedbacks in-game and i see that over 20 people reads these posts! 

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The News #2

Hey Guys

As promissed is here the second edition of our new topic "The News" which contains informations about the whole week in chotopia. The first post had over 15 views, which gives me a big feedback and shows me that some of you like this. So lets start with the first topic.

The week was really quite and nothing really happened in-game, so you dont really missed something. But the winners of the Blog contest were announced and im really happy that the staff team choosed mine and Cherry's Blog:

And as said mine aswell.

There were some hard competitors with amazing headers and backgrounds, so im really proud and happy that my blog could make it. Cherry got a feather, 5000 Bugs and seven days of citizenship. I already have a feather hand item, thats why i got the crown shirt in my colour. Here is it:

Also a big congratulation to the participants, who were awarded with 3000 bugs, for their hard and great work, keep up the good work !

Let's move over to the second topic. As you may know, the staff team decided to change the "Candies" which we had before, to "Wallet". The functions are still the same, you can buy citizenship, change candies for bugs or buy exclusiv Items from the Premiumshop. Here is the notice which you get when you log into "Account"

Just to recap, its still the same thing, they just changed the names. And as last small thing I want to congratulate one of my good friends for Agency. He finally did it and he deserve it more then any other ! He does so much for this game and is of course a friendly person. A warm welcome to Clayton. 

Yes he finally made it, dont forget to congratulate him, when you see him around chotopia. I'm sure he will do a great job and can't wait to work intense with him !

That was it for today, I hope you enjoyed the second edition of "The News".
See you around, Your Bebot.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The News #1

Hey Guys

As you can see i've changed the header and the background of this blog, to participate at the blog contest which ou can still eneter until March 7th. I want to create a new subject called "The News". I try to post every sunday the latest news round about chotopia, so your up to date what happenend the whole week in chotopia. Thats a great idea for those, who arent able to play so much, but want to know whats going on in-game.

So let's start with the first topic. As some of you may know, the Staff team held a rope competition. But they had to close it, because there were to numerous chobots, which played unfairly. So they decided to open another in-game contest. So move ahead to the Space Quay and challenge your friends by playing garbage collector

You have time until March 13th to get under the top 3 to win some great prizes. As always, if you see someone cheating, please inform the staff team with proof I wish you good luck and much fun !

Have you checked the new cafestreet yet? It's decorated for St.Patricks day which is coming closer and closer. The cafestreet is full of colours and shamrocks. Have a look at it:

Stay tuned for more updates around the city, perhaps someone is visiting us soon...!

I hope you liked this new subject and stay tuned for more.
Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Rope Contest and Spring Blog Competition !

Hey Guys

I have some great news for you today. The staff team just decided to held a new in-game contest. So move to the Rope street and play against your friends to get a place into the top 3. 
The rope competition is open until March 9th

So hurry up and invite your friends and challenge them to have a chance to win some sweet prizes. If you see someone cheating, please report the user to the staff team I wish you good luck and don't forget to have some fun !

I have another great information for you. As you may know March arrived and its getting warmer outside. That means, that the spring is coming closer and closer. To get into the spring mode, the Moderators decided to held a blog contest. If you want to participate you only need to have a chotopia released blog and a creative spring header and banner.

The staff team will choose the best blogs and the winners will be awarded with some amazing prizes ! You have time until March 7th. So you better should start with it right now :D. To get a chance to win, you just have to put your blog link under the blog post by clicking here. I cant wait to see all the creative and colourful blogs ! I wish you again good luck !

Thanks for reading, see you in game
Your Bebot.