Saturday, March 12, 2016

The News #2

Hey Guys

As promissed is here the second edition of our new topic "The News" which contains informations about the whole week in chotopia. The first post had over 15 views, which gives me a big feedback and shows me that some of you like this. So lets start with the first topic.

The week was really quite and nothing really happened in-game, so you dont really missed something. But the winners of the Blog contest were announced and im really happy that the staff team choosed mine and Cherry's Blog:

And as said mine aswell.

There were some hard competitors with amazing headers and backgrounds, so im really proud and happy that my blog could make it. Cherry got a feather, 5000 Bugs and seven days of citizenship. I already have a feather hand item, thats why i got the crown shirt in my colour. Here is it:

Also a big congratulation to the participants, who were awarded with 3000 bugs, for their hard and great work, keep up the good work !

Let's move over to the second topic. As you may know, the staff team decided to change the "Candies" which we had before, to "Wallet". The functions are still the same, you can buy citizenship, change candies for bugs or buy exclusiv Items from the Premiumshop. Here is the notice which you get when you log into "Account"

Just to recap, its still the same thing, they just changed the names. And as last small thing I want to congratulate one of my good friends for Agency. He finally did it and he deserve it more then any other ! He does so much for this game and is of course a friendly person. A warm welcome to Clayton. 

Yes he finally made it, dont forget to congratulate him, when you see him around chotopia. I'm sure he will do a great job and can't wait to work intense with him !

That was it for today, I hope you enjoyed the second edition of "The News".
See you around, Your Bebot.

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