Sunday, March 6, 2016

The News #1

Hey Guys

As you can see i've changed the header and the background of this blog, to participate at the blog contest which ou can still eneter until March 7th. I want to create a new subject called "The News". I try to post every sunday the latest news round about chotopia, so your up to date what happenend the whole week in chotopia. Thats a great idea for those, who arent able to play so much, but want to know whats going on in-game.

So let's start with the first topic. As some of you may know, the Staff team held a rope competition. But they had to close it, because there were to numerous chobots, which played unfairly. So they decided to open another in-game contest. So move ahead to the Space Quay and challenge your friends by playing garbage collector

You have time until March 13th to get under the top 3 to win some great prizes. As always, if you see someone cheating, please inform the staff team with proof I wish you good luck and much fun !

Have you checked the new cafestreet yet? It's decorated for St.Patricks day which is coming closer and closer. The cafestreet is full of colours and shamrocks. Have a look at it:

Stay tuned for more updates around the city, perhaps someone is visiting us soon...!

I hope you liked this new subject and stay tuned for more.
Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot.

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