Friday, March 4, 2016

Rope Contest and Spring Blog Competition !

Hey Guys

I have some great news for you today. The staff team just decided to held a new in-game contest. So move to the Rope street and play against your friends to get a place into the top 3. 
The rope competition is open until March 9th

So hurry up and invite your friends and challenge them to have a chance to win some sweet prizes. If you see someone cheating, please report the user to the staff team I wish you good luck and don't forget to have some fun !

I have another great information for you. As you may know March arrived and its getting warmer outside. That means, that the spring is coming closer and closer. To get into the spring mode, the Moderators decided to held a blog contest. If you want to participate you only need to have a chotopia released blog and a creative spring header and banner.

The staff team will choose the best blogs and the winners will be awarded with some amazing prizes ! You have time until March 7th. So you better should start with it right now :D. To get a chance to win, you just have to put your blog link under the blog post by clicking here. I cant wait to see all the creative and colourful blogs ! I wish you again good luck !

Thanks for reading, see you in game
Your Bebot.

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