Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Party Recap + Forum

Hey Guys

Im back from a break i had to take because of the school work and holiday. I weren't active for about 2 weeks in-game and also on this blog. I want to apologize for this, but im back now.

We had a great party yesterday in the park with the whole staff team. There were a lot of music, magic, fun and of course rain. As always i took some party pictures for you lovely readers and for the main blog. Here are they:

A big thanks to the moderators of chotopia for holding such a wonderful party.

At the party our owner Shadow announced an amazing new feature.Chotopia is finally getting the famous forum back. There you can discuss about topics round about chotopia and also about the world. You can like and comment on topic which other users created. Its really a great oportunity to exchange stuff under users. The forum looks like this:

If you wanna try this new forum out, just click on this link here . The staff team did once a again an amazing job for us, to keep the game interesting as possible. 

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot

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