Sunday, October 28, 2012

The News Day 19!

Heey Heey Heey long time not posting but now im here with a lot of news :))

Today We got 4 new agents :D

Eggs wasn't online when i taked the pictures but the new agents are:
Rage,Peace,hummingbirdvani and eggs :)
Congratulation :))

Yesterday The chobots Team made a retro parytw ith a lot of rain :O
i deleted all party rain and i got 19k :O
Here some pic's of the party :)

Then we moved to the special party room!!

 Nice right Ty Chobots team for the nice magic and the lot of rain.

Next is the Baking contest.

You know that nathan made a backing contest yes
yesterday he let the winners out and the winners are:




Congrats to the hummi and molly :))

the winners got :

  •    7 Days Citizenship
  •    A Pie Shirt
  •    Gingerbread Wings.
  •    10,000 Bugs

yes and i won that look:

PS: i don't take a photo of the citizenship and the money only from the items:

awsome right only 4 ppl in chobots has this magic :O 
Thanks nathan

 next theme is update and glitches look:
The cho Team amde now a new halloween update and its look like so :

                                            awsome right ty chobots team and now look at this big clitch:

                                         Haha every item was a halloween background FAIL :P
                          but now the chobots team fixed it and you can play with no problems :))


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