Sunday, October 21, 2012

The News Day 18!

Heey Chobots :)!

i have a lot to report today about moderator's, Great Updates, Party and some more.... :)

We start with The Party yesterday.
Koiz and star made a music party yesterday i missed it because they made a refresh for about 30 mins ( Server maintenance )
but the last 5 mins i was on and i got some special rain :) Here some pic's of the party :)
You see the scarf its a rare item :)

you see i missed a lot but never mind im sorry i ahven't more pictures :/!
Next Theme is about Staff member:
i have  good and a bad news...
Bad news is that jumpman quit the support team he is now an agent :/
you will make a great job i know it :)
Good news is that jake made new buttons like Gift button and called jake's badges if you called yaniv its called Yaniv's badges :) look

you see it will be in the future :) nice not :D
that is a little bit in the theme updates :)
next goes to a little bit in this way
its called present Button i think you remember this button from .com and .in no ?? then look here.
with this button you can trade gifts to other user and if you do that its looking like so:
that is the present button

here you see you can gift all items that you have ( No citizenship items and agent thing's!!)
here i was stuck in loading :/ xD

And if you become a gift its look like so:

Great no ?
if you can't wait to become a gift,then play fashion show's or play pictionary a lot of citizen's make games and giving items away :) Me too if you wnat i make one only ask :)

The citizen has a new chatbubble for halloween too look:

awsome not ??
thank you Chobots Team for this awsome updates :))
don't frogot to check the new contest on the main blog
for this contest you need only a forum acc and you can participate :)

so that was it hope you had fun to read and have now more information :)
see ya next time 

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