Saturday, October 20, 2012

Information's for you!?!


i have a lot information's for you !!
first information is max.
max!!! who is max ???
max is the new moderator :)

Yes he is a moderator on he works now in the staff team congratulation to him!! :)
next theme is a hacker!!
Today a user called aboood asked me for my password :O look!!!
im shocked :O
never mind today i saw yaniv,what do you think about he's style ??
its awsome what you think ??

Comment :P
we have 2 more themes 
we have a new contest.
a real life contest great no ??
you must cook now for this contest :))
have a lot fantasie for this contest and im sure you can win :)
so last theme is the music party later!!
Tonight at 6 pm ( cho-time )
we have a party at the rockemall street, bring your music instruments 
Hope to see you there guys :))
so that was it for today later i will post the party pictures bye :))

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