Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The News Day 17!


and welcome to the part 17. of The News 
Today we talk about some information,Updates and fashion show's
We start with the theme Information!

Koiz made a new Halloween account called Theghost!
I don't know why she made the account but here is a picture about it!

We have one more information!
Fadaee the agent quit chobots :(
He was my best friend.
he got de-agent because he want to get de-agent
Yesterday he comes online for looking something here are some pictures!

We played the last one checker :(
we will miss you Fadaee !!

Next Theme is Updates.
we have 3 new updates...
first one the playscreen is now blue!

The cafestreet is now a little bit darker and have a little halloween update can you find it ?? xD

yes its board,the board looks like halloween with the witch and bats !
The pets got a new update too look!

yes right now you can choose if you want that the pet move or don't move!
Great updates Thanks Chobots Team :))
So the last Theme is Fashion show.

Yesterday star and koiz made a little fashion show with prizes!
Eathan and me won a prize!
later you can see what we won :D
So Here are some pics of the fashion show yesterday !

                                       Yeah right Eathan and me won a flower !!
                                                          i love them ty star !!!
             Ps: if you don't won never mind try it next time ;)!

And don't forgot tomorrow we will know who won the Blog contest from jake and if you don't                   submint your blog make it now here is the link:http://blog.chobots.net/2012/09/blog-contest_19.html

bye hope you had fun to read and have now more information see ya !

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