Thursday, September 13, 2012

The News Day 16!


Its time for a new The News post.
i have lot of theme's:

1. Playercard
you see i have a lot to post :D
we start with Playercard's:

Jake can trade now new PLAYERCARD'S they can look like them:

 Cool no?? who want one too ??
 He can give you all colour's but he don't give everyone a special playercard you must win it!

Next Theme is Updates!

The Chobots Team deleted the Beach because the summer is over now they work on a new place
i think everyone know the place it wa sin beta time too The nicho place!!
yes right the nicho place come back :D
The Chobots Team removed the bugs panel too you can not buy bugs now they removed it!
But we have new City's :))))
Thanks Chobots Team :)

Now to the theme Badges!
The Agents has a little update too on they're badges look!

all Agent's has now a number like #16
Idk what that mean :/
But the Chobots team made a new Contest too
A Real Life contest:
You have to draw one of 4 staff member ( or more if you want :P)
More information Here:
Now to theme 5
We have 1 new staff member but we lost one too :/
The new Support Hicup

A big welcome Hicup and Congratulation :)
Now to the lost staff member smileguy 
Smileguy leave the Team idk why :/
But he is now an agent and he make a great job as a agent :)
Now to the last Theme Fail!
Look at this 2 picture what do you can see ??

Yes right they have the same name!!
but how do yaniv (not mod) has the same name like the mod yaniv ?
is that because yaniv was called Vchobot1 ??
i think :D

So im finish hope you had fun and have more information now can't wiat to post next The News Day 17!

see you soon!

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