Friday, August 31, 2012

The News Day 14!


Today i write about:

1. The New Moderator

2. The Beach Party

3. The Badge from Jake :D

4. New Update

So we begin with the new Moderator Yaniv ( Vchobot1 )
 He is now an Moderator congratulation to him :))

Great Job !

Now Here are some Pic's from the Beach Party :))

Nice not ??

Now look at Jakes badge :D

He have a xD Developer Badge :O LOL

Look at the new update if you want to know if a Moderator is in the this room
you can see it with the new Update:

The Mod's has Red name cards :)
Thanks Chobots Team Great Job :)

So thatw a sit from the post Hope to see you in Chobots :))

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