Sunday, August 12, 2012

The News Day 10!

Heey, and welcome to The News Day 10!!!!!

Oh my goodness,its the 10th The News post :O
Today i have a lot to report.

first one Cpfan chanched hes name to Art

Befor the Holiday's i searched chobots drawing's from you.
and a lot of cho's send me some picture's.
if you want to be on the next post then send me your drawing or uploaded it on tinypic an comment the link :) and you will be in the next post :)

Here are the awsome pictures...
awsome drawing by: Sweetneetu 

awsome drawing by: Fadaee

awsome drawing by: Derpyhooves

All the pictures are awsome, xdiax send me a handdrawing look:

Thanks to everyone who send me pictures :)

The last Theme is premium shop:

You can only buy 1 more pet body afterwards he will be sold out:

Ps: if you want to buy one here is the link :)

So that was it from The news day 10!

can't wait to post the next.

Tomorrow we will have new AGENT'S :OOO :P


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