Monday, March 4, 2013

The News Day 29!

url.pngHeey Chobots,Once again i thought i shoudl make a The News Day post :)!
So here is the 29 edition,The next post like this will be big with great informations and special things stay tuned :)!

Okay The nichos and the old bad smelly chobots are gone !
Everything is back to normal.Lets gonna check it :

The homepage has not much changed but the nichos with the sad Chopix are gone
The Login page is the same like before but the nicho suit is gone !
The new cities are called Chocolate,Vanilla and Pie city
The map isn't purple its bright and have the old colors back

The rubbish is gone and the colors are back

The cow mission is back 

Daisy is back :)
Chopix is back 
Choproff is back 
The citizen HQ is purple now,not blue
You see many things changed in Chobots.
the new month started and that means new events.
Lets check those:

you see we will have many parties like St.Patricks day,Spring Party and easter Party !
Congrats to malinki he is the new Featured player :)!
Okay lets go to the last theme.
The nichos are gone but not the rubbish in some streets.
Help christochob out and participate to the new contest!
Blik hosted a garbage collector contest to clean Chobots!

You have until Wednesday,6th of March!
Ps: if you see someone cheating,talk to our support team with a proof!!
Here the Email:
I wish you good luck and don't cheat ;)
Thanks for reading ! see ya

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