Monday, March 11, 2013

The News Day 30!

Heey Guys,
Wohoo last week i told you that i will post ''The News Day 30! '' Soon,so here is it.The 30th edition of The News ! Oh my goodness the 30th,i don't believe it okay,i spoke that it will be big.Yes This post will be one of the biggest on this Blog :)!
This are the topic's:
Agent Meeting
Game Night

Okay i think we start with the new Updates round about chobots.
There aren't many updates,but enough :P
The front Page is is decorated with spring things.
Its looking awesome !
The login Page is like the beta/.com.
i really like the login page,its looking more professional !
New City names: Chocolate,Milky-Way,Memo City
You see not many things changed.
Lets go to the topic number 2 !
Agents Meeting.
when: 8 Pm Cho-Time,16th of march !
where: Agent HQ,Vanilla 
Why: those who will be attend will get a special item!
you gonna talk about updates,Bugs,events and ideas to improve chobots in general!
Lets check the topic number 3!
Game Night.
Last saturday,the chobots team hosted once again a Game Night.
You had 2 hours to play a game.
The best players are:

Everyone of you got: 5 Days of Citizenship,5000 Bugs and a game controller!
Ps: if you didn't make it this time,you already have a chance on the 23th of march,there will be a new game night. Never give up :)!
Okay ist time for the surprise that i promise!
I think many of you want to know how my wardrobe looks.
So here is my wardrobe for you :)!

So i hope you had fun to read and if you saw an item that you like and want to trade let me know :)!

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