Sunday, June 12, 2016

The News #7 XXL

Hey Guys

Wow this week passed fast right? Its Sunday again and time for a recap of the week. I have a lot to talk about so dont waste any time lets move over to the first topic.

As you may noticed, there are more and more inactive users in chotopia and the streets are empty. Its really sad because the staff team try to put new things in-game and are really active. Thats why they thought about mini events once or twice in the week which happens random and you can win sweet prizes. This should encourage users to be more active and join those mini parties. There were two mini events before which i participated at. For those who missed them i took some pictures for you:

We really had much fun and won some sweet prizes! So if you want to participate at those mini events you just have to be active because it can happen at everytime.

Let's move to the second topic. This week was full of contests which you had the chance to win citizenship, bugs or other prizes. A week ago the chobots team decided to bring up Robots back with an interesting contest. After a week of hard playing, the scoreboard was full of players. Im happy to announce the best robot players:

Congratulations to Oldryan6872, Dawn, Beecokie, Heath and Jesse. You all won citizenship and Bugs. All of you who participated worked very well but there can only be a few winners. But not only the single players were rewarded with sweet prizes, no they also gave some bugs into the team treasury for the best 3 robots teams. Congratualtions to: Shadow's Team, Becookie's Team and Burgerox's Team.

For those who didn't played robots had a chance to get under the top 3 in the Nichos contest and win some sweet prizes. They also worked really hard and earned a lot of points. Congratulations to: Chloe1206, Becookie and Sony. 

You've been awarded with citizenship and bugs! All of the participants did a great job. Don't be sad if you haven't won this time, there are more contests in the future!

You know when one contest close, there is a new one which open. This time you have to move over to the gamezone to participate at the Pinball contest, if you want to win some sweet prizes. Get as many points as possible and get under the top 3! 
If you see someone cheting, please inform the staff team by with proof! I wish you good luck and don't forget to have fun aswell.

The summer is is already here but you still have spring or winter clothes on ? Then you should definitely change your style and check the new items in the shop ! The staff team renew all catalogs in chotpia. So why dont you go shopping and try out the new clothes? 

Hurry up because some of the items will disappear in some days because they are only for a limited time there. I can't wait to see all the new styles you've got.

As a little bonus i have some wonderful walldrawings i have seen this week for you. There are more and more artists which decided to paint on the grey walls of chotopia to bring some good mood into the game. I really love to see drawings in the underground, so if you like drawing, why dont you go painting there? So look at those wonderful walldrawings:

Keep up the good work pineapple and i hope to see more of those wonderful drawings from you:)!

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot.

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