Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hello Chobots! The Chobot profiles have finally come to Chobots and we're thrilled to show you some information on them and how to sign up for an account!

Firstly, to access the profile page, you need to click on the Chobot Profile button which can be found on any user next to ignore, or on your own card by itself.
 Next it will prompt you to either sign in or create an account.
To start click on "Get a ChoProfile." and it will ask for some information.

Enter your Chobot information!

Once you complete this, and the information is valid and correct, we will send you an email. In your email it includes: a link for activation, your password, and how to ask for additional help.

Now that your account is activated, you can login to the page again by clicking on the button on a player card or going to and entering the email you've used and the password we gave you!

Enter login details!

 Now that this is complete, you can explore all of the neat features our profile system has to offer you and your friends!

Enjoy the profile system!

If you have any problems/questions/concerns/ideas for our profile system, you can email them to support and we will try to help!


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