Tuesday, April 14, 2020

The News #9

Hey Chotopian's

Hope you all spent a good easter time with your family at home. But i'm not here to talk about easter, as you know "The News" is here to give you the latest updates, whats going on in the world of Chotopia. So let's see what this week brings us.

First of all, I want to remind you, that there is a new contest called "your favourite recipe" where you can show your skills as a chef or baker. All of us have a favourite meal, sweet or salty, why dont you show us your recipe so we can try it out ourself? All you got to do is, make your recipe easy and understandable, don't use anything from the internet and put this all together with some pictures in this template:

You have time to submit your entry until the 26th of April via Discord or under the official blog post! I can't wait to see your recipes and i'm sure im going to try them out!

But as you know there is always an in-game contest going on at the same time. After the cow mission came to an end, the staff team decided that Chothrow contest is our next in-game mulitplayer contest! 

The boards at the Park will be open until the 19th of April. So grab your tomatoes and your friends and head over to the Park!

There are several things that comes up every week, like our agent event. This time we are are playing hangman at the agent underground at 5 PM Cho-Time this thursday, 16th of April with our freshly baked elite agent Tamara! I hope to see you all there, to have lots of fun!

When did we party the last time? Do you guys even remember? I agree, it was long ago, thats why the staff team decided to grab the instruments out and host a Chotopia Rockband Party 2.0. The Party will be this friday, 17th of April at 6 PM Cho-Time at the Rockemall street.

Be sure that you record your insturments and dress up as a rocker! I can't wait to celebrate the beginning of the weekend with you.

Last but not least I want to give you the very latest news. As you know im the marketer and in charge of the social media accounts. Thats why I give you, my loyal readers, the possibilty to win 7 days of free citizenship! Yes you heared right, all you have to do is, to repost this picture below on your instagram or twitter account, use the hashtags #chotopia #familygame and tag us with @chotopiaus.

Alright that's it from the news. I wish all participants who take part at one of our contest good luck and hope to see you all at the agent event and the party.

Thanks for reading, stay safe out there!
Your Bebot.

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  1. Smells like new, new and NEWS!!! :) Great job! Until then, sending much love, Jas