Monday, April 6, 2020

The News #8

Hey Chotopian's!

I hope you had a good weekend and stayed at home. We are starting a new week with a lot of information around Chotopia. 

First of all a new month always means a new citizenship package. Yes you heared it right, the staff team updated the membership items. Look at this stylish spring items:

As citizen you benefit of many cool features, so be sure to buy your membership today by clicking here

But not only the citizenship package changes every month, no there are also new journalist's every month! Have a look at our newest chotopia bloggers. Congratulations to:

These are our new journalist's for the month of April. You all got awareded with 7 days of citizenship, a feather, journalist badge, purple nametag and all abilities you get as journalist. At this point I want to thank all of my loyal readers out there which encourage me to keep my blog up to date. 

Last friday we celebrated an "Age 0 Party". First of all a huge thanks to all who participated! I've never seen so many users online at the same time. It was just amazing, have a look at the impressions:

Wow I still can't find words to describe how happy I was when i saw you all. This activity is amazing, I hope to see you all again daily to get this vibe everyday and not only on partys. But this wasn't the only event we had this weekend.

We also had a Tug o' war contest yesterday evening. It was an agent event hold by our elite agent choobaca. As all events this one was wonderful again and we all had so much fun. 

As you know the agent events happens weekly so be sure to check out discord, social media or the main blog, to get the latest news.

I also want to remind you, that the art contest, where you have to create your own chotopia postcard, is still up until the 11th of April. Find all information by clicking here. And today the farm competition started. You have time to feed Daisy with your farmer friends until 12th of April to get into the top 3. I wish all participants good luck and be sure to private message me if you need a helpful hand.

Thanks for reading, once again I hope you all stay safe out there and can't wait to see you ingame.
Your Bebot.

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  1. I felt you saying *" I still can't find words to describe how happy I was when i saw you all."*. True, still not over it. Thanks for the recap! :)