Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The anniversary is around the corner!

Hey Chotopian's

As promissed I give you the latest new about the 6th anniversary of Chotopia. So let's see which information I could pick up for you:

- 6th Birthday party will take place on the 26th of April
- The whole Birthday party will take place on different places and will last for many many hours (I can't tell you how long yet)
- There are going to be a lot of events and different parties during this time
- There is a new Quest and a birthday exclusive shop at the cafestreet
- A brand new, never seen decoration at the cafestreet to fit the festive event

A sparrow whispered to me, that we get the schedule tomorrow on the main blog! As soon as I get the official news, I will immediately inform you.

Be sure to clear your cache before you log in to see the new decoration and the features at the cafestreet. Have a look at it:

New decoration at the cafestreet
New quest called Shadow

Are you guys as hyped as I am? I can't wait to celebrate with you all on sunday! To shorten the time you can log in now and complete the quest.

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow with the latest news about the birthday party.
Your Bebot

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