Sunday, November 8, 2015

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Hey Guys

A lot of things were done this week, so i decided to put all the informations in 1 post. Let's start with the Pinball results.

As you may know, there was a Pinball contest which lasted until today. Many users participated and the results were very close. Congrats to all participants,because you've done a great job, but there are always winners. A special congratulation to:

They worked really hard for it so enjoy your prizes. As i said because it was so close, Courtney also got 5 days of citizenship, 7500 Bugs and 4 Candies. 

Shadow decided to open another in-game contest. This time we move to the mission agency where you can visit Daisy! Yes, the Cow Mission Contest is open now and will end the 14th of november, so hurry up. Its your chance to win sweet prizes or just having fun with your friends. The rules are simple, if you see someone cheating, please report the user with proof to the staff team via e-mail , the user will be disqualified immedialety! I wish you good luck ad don't forget, winning is not everything, enjoy your time with your friends feeding Daisy :D

Some of you played other chobots games before and may remember the chobots market. It's a stock market, where you can sell your items from the wardrobe. It's quite simple, you chose which item you want to sell and how much it should cost. When a user is interested in one of your items, he or she will bid for it and the price is getting higher after every bid. It's a good opportunity, to buy new items and sell your old or which you never use. For this you need bugs which you transfer from your character into the market. I hope I could explain you a little bit what the chobots market is. So why dont you try it, click on the like to get into the market 

As you may noticed, the $hop is a very interesting market where you can buy rare items, playercards, bodies and chat bubbles. The staff team decided to restock it and put a new thing in it. Your now able to buy magic in the $hop paying buy in-game candies. Look at them:

They are just amzing, arent they? If you want to buy them you should really hurry up, because they are really in demand and many users want them. You can visit the shop, by clicking here ghd

Thanksgiving is coming closer and closer, so the staff team decided to host new kind of contest to celebrate it. It's your chance to let your creativity out and create a funny thanksgiving comic. The only rule is, it has to be chobots related and it has to do with thanksgiving. Here are some important tipps from the staff team :

  •     It is always a good idea to have a clear structure or plot to your story.
  •     You can take screenshots to edit and crop, as well as lay out both images and text onto the template using an image-editing software like Adobe Photoshop.
  •     Your layout arrangement can be however you'd like. Please remember to number your boxes in the sequence order that it should be read in.
  •     You can have a maximum of two-parts to your story, as in you are allowed to make it two comic strips long if it all doesn't fit onto one. 
  •     Other Chobots can be featured in your comic as different characters. BUT, it will only count as one entry for one Chobot. For instance, you may ask your friends to help you, but this would be your entry and not theirs. Also, be sure to include your username.
  •     Please upload it to or and provide us with the link in the comments section below, so that we can all view your amusing comics! 
Here is the template which you have to use:

You have time until the 19th of november to enter your comic. I can't wait to see all your wonderful entries. I wish you good luck.

I hope i could show you all the latest news from this week in 1 post. 

Thanks for reading, see you in-game
Your Bebot

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