Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thanksgiving Comic and Space Racing Contest Results !

Hey Guys

After a quite week on my Blog, im back with some great news for you. As you may know, the staff team decided to held a cmoic contest about Thanksgiving. Many users participated and loved this new kind of contest. But as always, there can only be 3 winners. Congratulation to:


Me ( Bebot )


Tikihiki,Scarlett and I won 7 days of citizenship, 7000 Bugs, 20 Candies and a Comic hand item.

All of you, who participated did a great job and don't forget, there is always a next time ! Im really happy that they also choosed my comic.
A week ago the Space Racing contest started and a lot of users played it intese quite all day. A big congratulation to:

I'm sure it wasn't easy for them but they can enjoy their prizes now! For all those who didn't won this time, don't be sad, there are going to be more in-game contests coming soon!

PS: Don't forget, there will be a Thanksgiving party in a hour at 8 Pm Cho-Time, so why don't you visit us for great music, magic, rain and of course a lot of fun!

Thanks for reading, see you at the Party
Your Bebot.

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