Sunday, November 15, 2015

New Staff members + Thanksgiving Party!

Hey Guys

I'm here with great news, shadow announced that we got 2 new Moderators now. The new Moderators are called Lava and Blaine. They both have a big knowledge about the game and helped to keep the game safe and interesting. Don't forget to congratulate, when you see them in-game.
Because the game gwos up very fastly, the staff team also decided to bring up a new Agent. Its a big honour for us agents to congratulate Horizon in our group. She really deserve it and also did a lot for this game. Don't forget to congratulate her

Let's come to the last topic. As you may know, Thanksgiving is not far away. That we get into the mood of it, the staff team decided to host a comic contest, which you can still enter. Im happy to announce, that we have a 

Thanksgiving party this Saturday, at 7 Pm Cho-Time at the cafestreet. Im sure, the party will be a blast, so you better shouldn't miss it. But if you can't attend, you still see some party pictures, which I will upload here on my Blog. I really hope to see you all there, to have some fun.

Thats it for now, Thanks for reading
Your Bebot.

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