Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kwanzaa research contest!

Heey Chobots,

Christmas is coming really close.Christmas is one of my favourite event on chobots because every street is full of snow and we can do cool missions with santa.I also like it because the streets are decorated with amazing lights,you can build snowmans and also opening  presents.But some peoples celebrate Kwanzaa instead of christmas!Im sure many of you don't know what kwanzaa is so its time for a research contest!Help us to understand what kwanzaa is and do a creative and informative template !You can use this template for your entry:

Find informations about kwanzaa as much as you can and put it into this template !
You have until the 10th of december to submit your entry in a comment under the official blog post!If you want to submit your entry click here
Ps:Dont copy the text's from the internet,counts as cheating!So create your own informative and creative template !The winners will get sweet prizes!
Good luck and can't wait to know what kwanzaa is :D
Thanks for reading,see you on chobots!
Our Journalist Bebot.

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