Sunday, May 10, 2020

The News #12

Hey Chotopian's!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week but I was really busy. But i have a lot to tell you as always. So don't waste any time and let's see what's waiting for us on Chotopia.

The week started with plenty events. We had agent events, where we played cow mission and the other day we beaten the Nichos together! We also had a fun night yesterday, at our Academy Game Night! But don't forget our Cinco de Mayo party which took place las Tuesday at the Cafe. Did you miss the party? I took some pictures for you guys:

The party was once more a magic moment and we had a lot of fun. Thanks all for showing up. Don't be sad if you missed this party, there is one coming soon!

This was a quick recap of the last week. Let's move forward and see what's waiting for us. The Gamezone contest ends today, that's why the staff team decided to open another in-game contest. This time its a multiplayer game. I Invite you all to head over to the Garbage Collector and play with your friends.

The Garbage collector contests starts tomorrow, 11th of May until the 17th of May. I wish all participants good luck. 

But what would be Chotopia without an agent event right? Meet our agent Bacachoo also on Monday, 11th of May at 6 PM Cho-Time at the citizen underground. Yes it's time for another speed drawing competition, as you all loved it last time.

As I mentioned above, there is a party coming soon. The weather is getting better and better. The days are longer and the sun shines even more. Yes it's finally spring, thats why the staff team decided to host a spring party!

Be sure to meet us Wednesday, May 13th at 8 PM Cho-Time at Terrarium. There will be good music, magic and of course rain. All you have to bring with you is good mood and your best spring outfit! Hope to see you all there.

Thats all for now, don't forget to apply as journalist if you want to be part of the journalism program of May! You still have time until Friday, May 15th to submit your blog through Discord or under the official blog post by clicking here.

I wish you a good start into the week and stay safe.
Your Bebot.

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