Sunday, May 3, 2020

The News #11

Hey Chotopian's

All of you know may know my concept "The News", where I put all relevant information together. So we started into a new month and I have a lot to tell you. 

Let's start with a short recap of the past week. After the huge birthday party we had no time to rest, the staff team already held another party. This time the theme "Twins" was in the foreground. Here are some impressions:

Every party is different and special. We had once more cool music, magic and rain. A huge thanks to our Moderators Zack and Jacob for hosting it. 

After the Robofactory contest came to an end, it was time to open another in game contest. So that you can measure yourself against your friends, the staff team decided to open the Rope Contest! Head over to the Rope street and play some tug o' war and try to get under the top 3 to win cool prizes. The board is open until the 4th of May.

But as you know there is always another creative contest running beside. So after the recipe contest closed, its time to create your own Chotopia Comic! The comic has to be Chotopia and Spring related and you have to use this template:

I know we have a lot of creative users out there, so I cant wait to read your interesting comics. You can submit your entry as always under Discord -> #submissions-for-contests or under the official blog post by clicking here. You have time until the 10th of May to submit your entry. I wish you all good luck!

So this all for the recap, time to look forward. A new month brings always new features with it. Thats why the citizenship package got updated. Be sure to check it out, there are amazing new items waiting for you. You can buy your membership by clicking here

But that's not all, the staff team also announced the activest Chotopians of the month April. Congratulations to Snailen, Anna and Novo for spending your time on our lovely game. It's always a pleasure to see such loyal, active and kind users. You got awareded with a special item and $2 for your wallet, which you can use for citizenship or $hop items.

Last but not least, we are looking for our new bloggers. The Journalist program goes into the next round. We invite all active bloggers to submit their blog under Discord-> #community-advertising or under the official blog post by clicking here. Find all information on the official blog post. I will also apply for the third time and of course I wish all participants good luck!

So thats all for now, I will keep you up to date when I get new information. I invite you all to chat with us on Discord or join us on

I wish you a pleasant day and stay safe out there.
Your Bebot.

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