Monday, June 1, 2020

The News #14

Hey Chotopian's

Im back with plenty new information for you. So we better don't waste time and look what this new month brings up.

Every new month the staff team crowns 3 most active users. A huge congratulations to Novo, Anna and Shower for being once more the activest Chotopian's in May. They got awarded with 2$ for their Chotopia-Wallet and a unique shirt.

But thats not all, at the beginning of every month, the citizenship package gets updated aswell. As always there are rare and super cool items waiting for you. 

As citizen you benefit of multiple advantages, buy your citizenship today by clicking here. As you may know, there is always an in-game contest. This time you have the opportunity to play a singleplayer game located inside the cafe. You all know which game I mean. The Coins rain contest starts today and lasts until Sunday, June 7th.

There will also be an agent event tomorrow, June 2nd hosted by our freshly baked agent Shower. Meet him tomorrow at 8 PM Cho-Time at the Space Quay!

Last but definetely the most important news in this post is, that we got our first taste of our long waited event "Cholympics". The whole Cafestreet and the Park got a new decoration:

But we also got a new tool called: Season Pass to shorten the waiting time. You can find it under the dashboard, where you spin your daily wheel:

You can buy the golden pass or use it for free. When you buy the golden pass for 4.99$ you get more rewards as citizenship, more crystals or very unique and never seen items before. There is also a new Crystals Shop, where you can buy cool items:

But how do i earn crowns to increase my tier level? It's really simple:

Level up, coming online daily or completing achievements (+5)
Completing challenges (+20)

You see you can benefit of many things when you come online every day. You get bugs, a free spin, 5 attempts to crack the safe and now you can also increase your tier level. More information about the "Cholympics" will be leaked this Wednesday! I will keep you up to date when I get the official news.

Alright thats all for now, thanks for reading!
Your Bebot.

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