Monday, December 31, 2012

Scrapocook-Video Contest!

Heey ,
The Scrapobook-Video Contest will be the last Contest in this year 2012 !
So also the Chobots Team had a great idea to make a design and video Contest!
If you want to do the Scrapbook you must follow this rules !
It must be in Real Life!
It must be on the official Template !
Here is the link for the Scrapobook:

If you do the Video Contest you must follow this rules !
You can do a Slideshow inclusiv commentary or a little movie !
And you can take some of this themes!

The release of Chobots
February Dance Party
St. Patrick's Day
April Fools' Day Circus
Albert's Space Race
The Auction House
The "Like" Party
1st Birthday!!
Saturday Game Night
Many more!

You can take your own ideas too :)!

So good luck to everyone :)

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