Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blogging and Drawing Contest winners!!

Heeey ;)
Finally we have the winners of the Blog contest and the drawing contest!
The chobots Team had more the 40 blog entries and 70 drawing enrties :O .
And im happy to announce the winners of the 2 contest's
Blog contest !
 Billybubble  billy's Blog 
  Isabelle        isabelle's blog
  Peace           Peace's Blog
  Minymo123 Minymo123's Blog
  Theufo  Ufo's Blog
  Struty Struty's Blog
  Eathan Eathan's Blog

Great job guys ;)  The winners got an feather ( hand item ) 5000 Bugs and 14 days of citizenship

And here are the winners from the winter drawing contest ;)

The winners got : a paintbrush,7000 bugs and 7 days of citizenship ;)
Gongratulation ;)
Enjoy your prizes :)


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