Monday, December 31, 2012

Journalist Updates !

The Chobots Team Update the Jouralist Program You have more Chance to win a Badge But you must follow more rules 
New is that the Moderators will have too and journalist badge and be on the Blogroll.
And every each month they pick new journalist so all have a chance.
Now there not looking on the header or design,they only read the post to see how good you write on your own blog.
They will check if you don't Copy things on the Main Blog !
Here are the new Rules:
-The Journalist Badge will be on your Playercard with the link of your Blog

-Perhaps your Blog will be the futured blog on the play page !

-Your blog will be futured on the official Blog

-Moderators will follow your Blog !

-You will be invited to write posts on the official Blog !

- You will be added to an exclusive mailing list to receive all the behind-the-scenes information and news before anyone else does!

-You get 1 free week of citizenship in the begin of the month!

-You will reward with a feather Item !

-You can PC all Moderators !

-New nametag !

A lot of new rules what ? :)
The submission will starts on the 2nd of Januray 2013 !
Good luck :)

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