Sunday, December 16, 2012

Game night winners !

Heeey :)
Yesterday we had the last Gamenight in the year 2012,the next gamenight will be 2013 :)
we had a little party and then the gamenight started.Here are the winners:
 Asteroids: Nightmare.
     Sweet Battle: Patrick45.
     Pinball: Orangeberryz.
     Crab Game: Kingkevin.
     Robotfactory: Me.
     Space Race: Nightboyz125.
     Garbage Collector: 1st place: Alecks.
                      BONUS: 2nd place: Khalood707.
     Farming: Amy231.
     Tug Of War: Chobotbubble.
     Palm Trees: Macterchief.
     Checkers: Theufo.
     Sliders: 1st place: Comebackiid.
                      BONUS: 2nd place: Randomzzz.
     Chess: Ifightalot.
     Nicho Racer: Lola12345rocks.
     Coin Rain: Conor.

Gongrats guys
The winners got 7days Citizenship,5000bugs and this awsome hand controller!
-Bebot :)!

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