Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Journalists Wanted !

Finally its time to search some new Journalists
 and show awsome blogs!
if you think you have chance to submit for december
 the you must only follow this rules

  •      Your blog shouldn't be "simple" - it should have a great design (a
         template and a header), and some cool gadgets in it.
  •      Your posts on the blog should be creative and unique - you have to write
         your own posts, not just copy them from a different source like the
         official blog. Even though, you are free to use the pictures that have
         been used in the posts on the Official Blog.
  •      Be active on the in-game community: Be nice to each other, assist users
         who require any kind of assistance and be aware of all the latest news
         and stuff that happen.
  •      Be active on our different Community Pages - comment on posts
         that we post here on the official blog, post and comment on the forum,
         tweet and reply to tweets by the official Chobots Twitter page, and
         comment / post stuff on the timeline of the official Chobots Facebook
Ps: And after reading this rules and you think you have a chance the write your name on the special website Here is the Link:http://chobots.net/journalist/

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