Sunday, December 9, 2012

The News Day 23!

In this week we had a lot of new updates,contest and items.
So its time to post all the news in 1 post and what is better then a The news Day ! post hehe!
We start's with the new Updates around chobots!
 We have a lot of new colors how you can see and the old button Bodies! is called now $hop Items 

 And we have now 3 different colors of message panels !
if you get a featback from a user its pink,if you write a message its a
little bit brighter and if you got a
gift its turquoise

We have some new items in the shop catalogs too check it ;)

PS: all 3 items are for Juniors ;)

Now to the next Theme:
This week we have/had awsome contest's!!
1 finished yesterday one will end in 4 Hours and a new started Today!!
Yesterday The House contest came to the end !
We have 2 winners and 3 runner ups
1 of the runners up was me xD 
The winners was 
Art and Gerrard
The runner ups are:
Program,Sophia and me ;)
The winners got Citizenship and a awsome house shirt
The runners up got 5000Bugs and this rare Nicho background :O

i LOVE the background
Ps: You can see that im not a citizen,
But tomorrow i will buy the 1 year membership !
Gongrats to the winners ;)
Don't forget you ahve only 4 hours till the sweetbattle contest ends !!
A new contest started today too called Real life drawing!
You must draw one or all of this staffmember.
The rules are simple:
you only must draw it with your hand also not on the computer!
And comment your drawing on the post
More informations There ;)

Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow ;)

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