Thursday, March 5, 2020

The News #3

Hey Chotopians!

Hope you started well into the week and got the focus on the weekend. As always there is a lot running at the moment on Chotopia . That's why I dont wanna talk any longer and head directly to the important things.

There is always a mini contest which is up in-game and another one which is of course Chotopia related but where you can show your creativity. We know that all of you are great artists with tons of amazing ideas. That's why the staff team decided to bring the TV Contest back to life!

Some of you remember this popular contest from other chobots versions before. The guidlines are quit small but be sure to follow them! You have to interview a Nicho, you can do it how you feel it has to be aslong its chotopia related. They also gave a good hint to look at the "The late night show".

Use this template for your entry and submit it under the official blog post or on discord. Can't wait to see all your lovely entries. The contest starts from 2nd March and lasts until 15th March!

I also want to remind you, that the CMV contest is still up until the 8th of March! But as I said at the beginning, there is always another in-game contest running at the same time. This time all boards at the gamezone are open. 

There is only one winner of each game so hurry up! But thats long not all, the academy game night goes into a second round this weekend! All Boards at the academy street will be open this Friday, 6th of March from 8 PM Cho-Time.

These events are high demanded so be sure to be there on time and stay aslong as you can! You thought thats it? NOO there is also an Agent event this saturday, 7th of March starting at 7 PM Cho-Time at the agent underground. Yes you heared right, it's time for a round of pictionary!

You see there is a lot going on around Chotopia. I'm sure there is something for all of you so we invite you to stay with us and participate at our events. I also would like to remind you that we are really active on the social medias! Check our Twitter and Instagram account. 

Thanks for reading, hope to see you around!
Your Bebot.

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