Saturday, March 14, 2020

The News #4

Hey Chotopian's!

Sorry for the lack of posts but as you may know im in charge of advertising our lovely game on social media and I put a lot of time in it, thats why im not able to post as much as I want on my own blog. But this shouldn't be an excuse so lets switch to the interesting themes I have for you all.

Yesterday we had a St. Patricks Party at the Park! We had a lot of magic, music and of course rain! Everyone dressed up in green and we all had so much fun. Here are some impressions for you:

There are more partys to come so stay tuned and join our official discord channel or check the official main blog for the latest news!

We celebrated St. Patrick a bit earlier but the decoration and our special guest is still there. Look at this festive decoration:

Our festive quest is still at the garbage collector so be sure to salute him and complete the mission for some sweet prizes.

At this point I want to remind you, that the TV and the Nicho's contest is still up until tomorrow so hurry up.

There will be new events coming next week aswell so I invite you once more to check the main Blog for the latest news. You can also follow our social media accounts (Twitter and Instagram) there is a daily post.

I hope you all are save out there and keep attention to the virus... I hope to see you all ingame and wish you happy weekend!

Your Bebot.

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