Sunday, March 1, 2020

The News #2

Hey Chotopian's!

I hope you spent a great weekend with your friends and family. Time goes so fast it's already March!! A month with new and interesting events waiting for you guys!

So lets have a look what happened in Chotopia and whats coming in the upcoming days. We started the weekend with the Sliders Event which was held by myself with the support of some staff members. I was so happy to see so many of you online and playing against each other. Thanks to all who showed up and made this evening unforgetable. Here are some impressions:

We know how much you like playing these mini games in Chotopia, thats why we decided to open all boards in the gamezone! The Gamezone contest starts from 2nd until the 8th March. All 5 games will be open, so you can choose yourself which one you want to play. 

There is only 1 winner of each game and double winners wont be counted! I wish you good luck and of course lots of fun! 

For the beginning of each new month, the citizenship package gets updated aswell. Be sure to check it out, there are a lot of benefits waiting for you as citizen and also limited rare items! Buy Citizenship by clicking here

Like every month the staff team is looking for our activest Chotopian. They look which player was the most active in-game. Please congratulate Honest, our Agent which spent unbelievable 117 hours on our game! 

Wow this is stunning, you are a key player for this game. We are very happy that we have such a loyal and active player. Now its your turn guys, log in everyday and spend some hours with your friends to be the activest player of the month march!

I feel really honoured to be a part of the Staff team now! I got promoted to "marketer" and im in charge of the business growth trough promotion.

I will focus even more on the social media's now and put some ads to bring new people to the game! I take this job really serious and wont stop until i reach my target. I can't find the words to describe how happy I am. Its a new challenge which i gladly accept.

Thanks for reading, see you in game.
Your Bebot.

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