Friday, February 28, 2020

The era of journalism!

Hey Chotopians!

First of all don't forget: Sliders event this friday, February 28th at 8 PM Cho-Time at the academy street! There are cool prizes and a after party waiting for you!

As all my posts im back with great news for you all! As you may know the staff team decided to bring the journalist program back to Chotopia, after most of you voted yes for the return. They gave every user 2 weeks time to start blogging. Im happy to announce the new era of journalism and which players got promoted:

Congratulations to Honest, I love your posts and I see how much work you invest into your cool blog! Keep up the great work. At this point I also want to thank all my lovely readers who encourage me to do this job, without you I couldn't make it. I also want to thank the staff team for choosing my blog, its a honour for me.

Let's see what we earn and which feature we have as journalists:

A blue Journalist only Playercard and a Blogger badge in the right corner!

A feather hand-item

We also get a free week of citizenship, the ability to pc Moderators even when they are blocked. But the best thing is, that our blogs will be published on the main blog, we can host our own contests on the blog with our own prizes and we have the chance to post one post on the official Chotopia Blog!

You see as journalist you have many advantages so be sure to start blogging guys! They start picking the april journalists already mid-March! I can't wait to see all your lovely blogs.

Thanks for reading, see you in-game.
Your Bebot

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