Thursday, February 20, 2020

The News #1

Hey Chotopians!

I'm here with some interesting news for you! As promised my well known format "The News" is returning and I invite you to read this post, to get all the latest news about Chotopia.

I'm sure most of you noticed that february 14th is known as Valentine's day. Its that date of the year where you show special love to your crush, friends and family. But this doesn't only counts in real life no, we also celebrated this lovely day with a huge party on Chotopia. We dressed up in cute outfits and head over to the shop square, where magic, music, rain and a Valentine's themed quiz waited for us. Here are some impressions:

A special thanks to Anna and Jaay, who were in charge of this amazing party and thanks to all who joined us, it was just a blast.

After this party the staff team decided to host another one! It's also a themed party but this time, we invite you to show up in your best carnival dress. The party will be held this friday, 21st february at 7 PM Cho-Time in the Shop. Be sure that you stop by and celebrate the start of the weekend. All you need to take with you is a good mood and your carnival costume.

The Sweetbattle contest started on february 17th and lasts until the 23rd. So take your friends to the rope street or the park and throw some candies at them. As always there are sweet prizes waiting for the winners.

Last but not least the staff team updated the citizenship package. Be sure to buy the membership to have unlimited possibilities and benefit of unique features. By buying citizenship you not only get bugs and a free item, you also support the game to constantly improve it. If you're interested in the package click here.

The citizenship we will be updated every month, so we get the opportunity to get rare and unique items. 

Maybe you noticed that I changed my whole design on the blog but im proud to tell you that im by far not finished yet, there are many things planned and will be released soon. So I once again invite you to stay here and read my posts.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you in-game!
Your Bebot

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