Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The News Day 7!

Heey and welcome to The News Day 7! 

Today i haven't a lot to report but...

This Morning i saw Nath88 in The cafestreet. Samanthaheartz and sweets spammed all time they sayed: im a Hobo sgdgcncjhjjgclmn
Nath88 banned they're chat for 1 week.
Samanthaheartz made a new account if you want to talk with her:

Later came Austin,after The little maintenace austin and me was alone in The Cafestreet :D
But not long came's the other online too and Austin made a little Quiz.

I found a Little glitch on the Dance! Button and Backpack.
They haven't number's xD

And for the last one i found a Awsome Drawing by derpyhooves.

So That was it,i know it was a little bit short but i don't found some news.
But for The next Post i search more News:)


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