Friday, July 6, 2012

The News Day 3 !

Hey and welcome to the part 3 of my The News

Today we gonna talk about the party yesterday.
The party was awsome Jake and strawberrry made it later came austin too but he was onyl here for say Hi. 
Here are some pic's:

here you can see what they rained:

They rained a U.S.A flag and some magic :)

Next theme is a little update.
They Boy chill room got a new name.
Chobots Team called them Dude's chill room:

And Here is the Drawing of the week from supere2e2

awsome drawing !

its again a new month and the Chobots team search new journalist's.
If you think you can be one then send a email to support.
But if you want to be an Journalist you must 

1) Publish original content on your blog.
2) Help out in the Chobots community both in and out of the actual game.
3) Post on the forum to interact with other users.
Good Luck!!

And the last Theme is.
You know i think yesterday i searched some cool outfits from other cho's ( i search the perfect cho style )
and i saw a lot but here are the 6 winners:

Congratulation guys you all have a awsome style :)

So that was it for today Hope you liked The News and don't forgot to vote on the right site.


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