Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The News Day 6!

Heey and welcome to The part 6 of The News !! Today we have a lot News for this post.

First one The Chobots Team Updated Chobots!!
We have the old UI back look at the picture's:

The Cho energy points are next to the Status
The Chat Bubble is new too, The chobots Team made them Bigger ( The text message is bigger )

          The Juniors have now MORE Items:

The Juniors have now a new instrument :)
But look what i found in the Eco Shop The junior's have a new mask too:

But The citizen's have a new Clothes too

The coming soon catalog will be restock

So that was it from The News Day 6!
 Can't wait to post Day 7 :)

See you there bye thanks for reading.


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