Sunday, July 8, 2012

The News Day 5!

Heey Guys i can't believe it its the 5 The News post.

First one The Chobots Team made again a little party ( no rain )

Here are some Pictures:

And The chobots team made a new Real life contest too!!

if you want to enter this contest you must to follow this:
1) Bake your very own Chobots food. (Examples: Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pies and more!)
2) Take a photo of your grand bake.
3) Comment your Chobots creation in the comments!

Here  you can see a awsome pie,backed from lackygirl123

And for The last one i searched again the best cho style and i found a lot but i choosed only 3 citizen and 3 juniors here are they :

 They have a really nice style,what do you think if you think you have the best cho style too then messages me and say: i have the best cho style can i be on the next post pls and i will look at your style.

So that was it from The News Day 5! don't forgot to vote if you want more!

See ya soon 


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