Thursday, July 5, 2012

The News Day 2 !

Heey and welcome to the day 2 from The News.
I see 4 ppl like The News ( i don't vote )
so i will post more The News soon.

But first we have a lot Good news for Today in this post.
we begin with Strawberry.
She got they're Mod Badge back here a picture:

Congratulation :)

we have new updates too look at the pictures!
The Chobots Team made the same (Pick a city) screen how :)

In the menu we have a little update again look:
Nice right ?

Koiz made a little fashion show with nom price:
And then i saw this awsome style from Zorber :O 

The Coming soon catalog has some new cool stuff:

So that was it from Today hope you like it and don't forgot to vote if you wanna more i will search new News for The News Day 3!


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