Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Updates on Chobots!

Heey Chobots,
Im here to announce that we have interesting new updates in the Game !For all drawers,the staff team created a new base for them.If you like to draw and want to earn some citizenship or other prizes then listen:
The new Update is hidden on the Button ''News''.If you click there you there you see this page open:

Then click the button under the Featured Player called ''Daily Draw''
After this you come to a new page,it looks like this:
If you want to enter the Daily draw then you need to pay 3500 Bugs and then you can click enter!
I think the staff team had an awsome idea,good luck ;)

But thats not all,the staff team also invent a new introducing called: councilors.
First i want to show you a picture of a member who has the conculor badge:

Yes Jake got the badge.Now look forward what a councilor is:
Councilors are members from the chobots communit,who talk with users and listen to their opinions.They give the informations to the administrator's .They do a importand decisions by voting around chobots.
Now look who can get the badge?:

-2 Juniors: (old and young users)
-2 Citizens: (old and young users)
-1 Agent:
-1 Journalist:
-1 Admin:
-1 Moderator:

How can they get chosen?:
-The forum team select 1 Junior
-The Tester team select 1 Citizen
-The Moderator team select 1 moderator
-The Agent team select 1 Agent
-The community select 1 Junior and 1 Citizen
Each group will get some nominees users to select.And they can select 1 user!

How can i earn the Badge:?
You need to be active,show interest and follow the rules!
Ps:If you egt the badge you will be a councilor for ever (When you break the rules you will be kicked out !)
The Councilors haven't so much power but in the group they are very important for the community !

If you need more informations then click here
I hope i gave you enough informations and i wish you good luck and perhaps you will get voted :)!

Thanks for reading,see you on chobots
Our Journalist Bebot.

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