Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pet's Weekend!

Greetings Chobots friends! The fun never ends on Chobots. This weekend there is a brand new event that has never happened before. It is called Pet's Weekend! 

There will be two contests and a fun party on Pet's Weekend! Here are the complete details:

  • Cutest Pet Competition: There have been many contests where Chobots players are awarded bugs for their best outfits or for the best styles. Well, it's time for our pets to have a fun contest as well! If you have a pet and you would like to enter in this competition, take a photo of it and comment the link here. The cutest pets will win! 
  • You and Your Pet Competition: For this contest, you get to show off how close you are to your pet. I love playing with Cookie, giving her treats, brushing her fur, and much more. Well, to show how much you love your pet, you can record a short film or draw a nice picture of you and your pet. 

  • Citizens Party: The best part about being a Citizen is all of the amazing parties we get to attend. There's always lots of contests, rain, magic and music at these parties. The details for this party are pictured to the right. 

If you would like to enter any of the contests described above, you can submit them by commenting on this post, on the Main Blog. Be sure to submit them on the correct post! Anywhere else will not be counted. 

I can't wait for Pet's Weekend! It looks like it's going to be a ton of fun and it's great that we get to dedicate a day to our kind pets. :D 

Have an epic day,

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