Friday, July 26, 2013

July Journalist + Agent recommendations !

Heey Chobots,
Like every months,the chobots team searched new journalist and now the new Journalist are announced !The chobots team had problems to put 10 bloggers on the blogroll because there were so cool and creative blogs around chobots!But here is the top 10:
Congratulation,everyone of you got 7 Days of citizenship,some bugs,a feather and a playercard!Yes i didn't got it this time,but thats not the reason im going to stop blogging!!Im going to try it for the next month again:)

Its also time to search new agents for the game,to keep it safe like now!So the chobots team need your help to find 2 users how should get the badge!Don't select users because they are your friends,they should be helpful and active aswell!The nominations are not longer being sent in a comment,this time you need to vote your future agent on this badge.Vote your users by clicking here pls remember that cheating is not the right way to win,the cheaters will lose their chance for being an agent forever!

Good luck,see you on chobots.
Our Bebot.

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